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Ready to find your perfect {nanny} match? Scroll down to see all of our nanny / babysitter referral and placement services, including a pricing list for deposits and referral fees.

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Full time nanny one time finder’s fee: $275

*Nanny Navigator will find a full time nanny for you. By the time you meet your nanny, she will have had a personal interview and a background check. We ask that all nannies be non smokers and have past experience in child care as well as have references that we will verify. We negociate the hourly rate for your nanny (starting at $15/hr, depending on the number of children). The $275.00 dollars also insures a back-up nanny if your nanny has to cancel or is sick. We will do our best to find you a replacement as soon as possible for no extra charge. If for some reason your nanny is not a great fit for you and she/he has not been working for you longer than 90 days, we will find you a new nanny for no extra charge. Referral fee due before nanny arrives. Client pays the nanny the agreed on hourly wage.

Part time nanny one time finder’s fee: $200

*Need a nanny two or three days a week or a weekend nanny? We will find you the best fit and if in 90 days things do not work out we will find you another nanny free of charge. We negotiate hourly rate for your babysitter which starts at $15/hour (depending on how many children). Referral fee due when nanny is hired. Client pays the babysitter agreed upon hourly wage.

Baby sitter for one year finder’s fee: $175

*Secure your babysitters for a year. No more hunting and calling, texting and stressing! You can leave it all up to us. Babysitter hours are a minimum of 4 hours, not exceeding once a week. All babysitters will have back ground checks and interviews. *CANCELLATION fee of payment equal to 4 hours of sitter pay. Client pays the babysitter the agreed upon hourly wage if client cancels in less than 24 hours scheduled time.

Emergency one time referral: $35

*For a one time emergency babysitter referral and placement. Client pays the babysitter the agreed on hourly wage, starting at $15/hr.

Event babysitting/Parents night out/vacation sitter: case by case

*We will be happy to do a large parents night out for your social group, church event, school event or corporate event. Message us with your needs! 

Temporary Nanny: $100

*Maybe you need a nanny for just a week or two? We will find the temporary nanny for you limited to 3 weeks of service.

One-time sitter fee with 3 or more days notice: $25

*for a one time babysitter referral and placement with 3 or more days notice.

Babysitter for 6 months: $85

*Get a babysitter lined up for 6 months and lose the headache and hassle of finding a sitter each week. 

Non-refundable fee before nanny search: $50 deposit

*There will be a $50.00 non refundable fee before nanny or babysitting search begins. If we find you a sitter/nanny the $25.00 will go towards the finders fee.

Cancellation fee equal to four hours of babysitter’s wage: up to $52


Nashville’s premier nanny & babysitting coordinator for parents who need the guesswork taken out of hiring a nanny.

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